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Where are you up to in your working life?

Some people were born knowing what they wanted to do and have gone on to achieve great things. For them, their fifties and sixties are probably the zenith of their career - the time at which they realise their full potential in high-powered jobs where their prime focus is on developing the future of others. However, behind that they may have a lurking worry - "What will I do when all this ends?"

By contrast, others, although they have had full and fulfilling working lives to date, never knew, and still don’t know now what they were born to do. They may be wondering if life has passed them by and be struggling with decisions about job or career changes or possibly starting their own business.

At this time in your life there's a broad spectrum of opportunities for everyone on the working life scale regardless of how near you are to either the 'want to' or 'have to' end of the scale. Some may want to continue working for as long as possible even though they have no financial need to, some may have to  - whether or not they want to. Some may be fortunate enough to have taken or be facing retirement. Others may be contemplating or weighing up the advantages of redundancy. Any or all of these groups may be seeking better work life balance.

All may be thinking ‘what now?’ That’s where in my prime comes in.


Are you looking for something to do for the next 20 years?

Of course you are, you’re in your prime and you don’t just want to stop. Most people these days face a very long period of maturity before they're anywhere near 'elderly' or 'old' - this is an age where you still have plenty of potential and a desire to be involved.

Fortunately age is certainly no barrier when it comes to work and all that wisdom, experience and expertise means you're well-placed to take on whatever challenge you choose. Of course there are challenges - but there are at any age. Here, we aim to guide you through the opportunities available, highlighting relevant rights and legislation and directing you to other organisations and advisory bodies where you can find out more.

Click below for more information about some of the options.





The facts...

The majority of workers over 50 (62% of women and 59% of men)
want to continue working beyond state pension age.

More than twice as many (11%) over 50s want promotion as want to downshift (4%).

Instead of being unfit to work due to ageing and ill health, 62% describe
themselves as feeling as fit as ever.

Working longer is not a burden borne purely out of necessity: those who have elected
to work longer are happy and enjoying what they do.

68% of the over 50s unemployed below state pension age and 85% of people inactive and over state pension age said that greater availability of
flexible and part-time work would help them to find jobs.

Taken from the EHRC research report, Working Better (Click link to access)

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