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My simple message is that it's never too late to change your life and career. Having gone to university in my 40s and earned a BA and PhD, my project when I retired at 60 was to write a book about new careers available to people in middle age. That was published in 1993 and is still being widely borrowed in UK libraries. At 73, I have just had published my first poetry collection and my first full-length play. I have completed a novel and hope to have it published this year.

If you are keen enough you are young enough.- John C Bird, Solihull

Me and my wife had a great experience on holiday in France with We thoroughly recommend them to others who are in their Prime! - Steven Andrews

At 50 I have recently completed a Management, now doing Management and intend to go on and do year and feel
that I have many good years to contribute to work and society as a whole. I'm
also an S.F.A. referee and can be found running around football pitches most
weekends. 50 is not old, is what I am saying. -
Raymond Walls, Dunfermline

Iin late 2000, at 50 I was made redundant as a senior executive in an international construction firm and faced an uncertain future.

My family urged me not to return to 14 hour days and constant hassle as we had most of the important things in life and had decided we could live more with less. We decided that I should make my own way as a portfolio worker.

[Since then]I have been able and fortunate to have some control over my business life and manage to do the majority of my demanding work in the autumn and winter months allowing plenty of important time for other family, sporting and relaxation activities, in the nicer weather.

The prospects are endless once you become accustomed to the way of thinking and working.
Bryan, Oxfordshire

I started my 'second career' (as a journalist) 10 years ago, moved from that into PR/corporate comms, and thence to marketing. However, since I turn 60 this year, I've just about given up on "a real job" (as my son calls it) in marketing - even though I've surrendered all my free time over the past 4 months to complete the work for the CIM's Prof. Diploma while working F/T as a consultant. I suppose the idea of someone approaching 60 studying for the CIM Diploma has caused some discreet titters in other arenas than the distance learning provider's workshops. As if aspirations were unsuitable & unseemly "at my age".

I work on a consultancy basis. Shortly before hiring me for a block contract, one client had appointed a 'marketing co-ordinator' in his early 30s, with considerably less experience than me, & fewer qualifications. I'm treated like an office girl (albeit a VERY expensive one), and did I not need the loot, I'd have flounced out long since - not in a fit of pique, but through sheer frustration that I see mistakes being made, but no-one wants to look at how to do things right. This particular company is in a B2B market, and I don't suppose it matters to it whether its strategies chime with the realities of demographics.However, I find it incredibly frustrating that I must resign myself to continuing as a consultant simply because of my age.

As a marketer/communicator, I get terribly ratty (nice Scots word: 'more than a little irritated') by the fact that the major groups working on behalf of the over-60s have titles like "Help the Aged", "Age Concern". While I sympathise with those older people who DO need help, or are a cause for concern, that certainly doesn't apply to the vast majority of us. The use of 'victim' langauage doesn't help anyone - it takes the spotlight off the people who genuinely DO require help, due to age-related problems, and those of us who are fit, hardy, dependable workers, with MUCH more stamina than the 'yoofs'.

I've rather a notion of starting a pressure group for older workers - too much focus on pensioners, not enough on those who want to work far beyond 60/65, wouldn't you say?

I want to be a member of Grey Pride, not a cause for concern!

Fiona, Scotland

In my prime recognise the value, experience and contribution the older person can make without portraying us in a negative way. It is so wonderful to know [they] are promoting all the good things we have to offer - the great potential, wisdom and life's experience are valuable to business - we have seen many changes and are adept at bringing out the best!          

Anne Marks MIQPS, Past Chair IQPS Central London

My daughter sent me the 'in my prime' site and told me to have a look. It is inspirational and I enjoyed reading what was on it.

Karen, France

I would like to congratulate you on your web site. I have been reading the current newsletter (my first) and have gone on to read some of the other articles. I am so glad I came across your site and look forward to the next newsletter.

Jan, Australia

Congratulations on your business and thank you for your work with the 50+ crowd. I have personally found my own life to be a blast after 50!
Pattie Heisser, Founder & President, 50+Fabulous, USA

I must say how wonderful your website is.  I am 51 and have just become disabled with arthritis and found your website absolutely brilliant.  It has given me hope that being over 50 does not mean that I have to varnish the coffin just yet!  I hope you are successful.

Coral, Wales

I am really pleased to have found your site. I have been looking for a positive forum where I might find empathy and encouragement. Now I'm looking forward to making good use of the Prime info and advice as I move into the next chapter of work and life. Great job.
- Patrick Dawson, Yorkshire

What a great website - I was listening to BBC World Service last night and heard your MD talking. Everything seemed to be voicing my thoughts! I am a youthful 64 and have been 'retired' 3 months - and I realise I am not ready - have too much potential to be not working. I will keep reading all your very helpful information. -Jenny C.

Love the website! - Liz H.



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