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How do you see yourself?

Mature?  Active?  Around fifty?  Over 50?  Senior?  A baby boomer?  Planning retirement?  Retired?  Absolutely no thoughts of retiring?

Do you want to make some changes?

If so, and if you're over 50, then in my prime is for you. We’re the leading organisation for mature, positive, energetic people who want to achieve more – at a time in their lives when others might be thinking of easing off, slowing down or planning for retirement.  

Perhaps you’re drawing to the end of a long career, one of the "older workers"? Perhaps changes in family or domestic circumstances call for some fundamental re-appraisal of the direction of your life? Perhaps your needs are financial, you just can’t afford to stop? Or maybe you’re just bored or frustrated and know that there must be more to life than this?

in my prime is all about helping and supporting you to:  

  • find appropriate ways to maximise your potential in every area of your life

  • develop new interests whether work or leisure

  • dispel all doubts (if you have any) - being over 50 is nothing to do with being old

Freelance Lifestyle: keeping fit and healthy at 50 plus

Article published in Freelance Advisor April 2009.

"Being a freelancer is tough at any age. Ultimately you only have yourself to rely on so you can end up working long hours hunched over a desk or keyboard, taking in far more energy-boosting coffee and carbohydrates than you know is good for you. And that’s without smoking, stress, and alcohol. Over time all can be hugely punishing on the body and mind. When you’re over 50 things can be even worse."

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Overcoming age bias in recruitment

Article published in HR Zone March 2009.

"In the current economic climate, both older and younger individuals face even greater difficulties than usual in obtaining or changing jobs. Dianne Bown-Wilson comments on how improvements to the recruitment process might help cut down on age discrimination."

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Only when the tide goes out

To understand more of the issues facing all of us, whatever our age, read our article "Only when the tide goes out" published in The Telegraph Business Club, February 2009. Click here.

If you would like an extended description of the demographics involved visit our "Prime numbers" page. Click here.

Out now....Primetastic!

 - 50 tips for life when you're over 50

Highly motivating, practical and thought provoking, our new book is all about rethinking your later years and becoming the person you want to be. Not just 'good for your age' - but Primetastic!

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