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Press releases and articles

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The following is a list of our current factsheets arranged alphabetically in categories. Please note that you are welcome to download these for your personal use. However, the copyright rests with in my prime so please contact us if you would like to copy or distribute them more widely.


If you use the "Print page (PDF)" facility you will find that the layout is more user-friendly.


A new approach to retirement planning - maximising employee and employer benefits

Age Discrimination legislation - all change in the workplace from October 2006

Portfolio working - taking a new approach to utilising your skills and time

Where next to work? The importance of ambition, aptitude and and application


Choosing and using consultants

Franchising - a tried and tested way to start or grow a business

Make or break marketing - 12 rules of marketing success

Ready, steady, goal! How to galvanise your business idea into action

Running a business - do you have what it takes to deal with the downside?

Using networking to generate outstanding business results


Inflation - why we must stop it creeping up on us

Managing your finances - getting started, some basic ideas

Saving for retirement - the biscuit tin approach

Sink or swim? Breaking free of the spending spiral

The ins and outs of investing - understanding the risks and rewards

Understanding money - Accounting and Finance for the uninitiated

Retirement planning in uncertain times

About you

Have you got a minute? Managing time to really make a difference

Health and fitness - turning good habits into a great life

Here's looking at you - making the most of your appearance

Live and lead your best life - use coaching as the key

New Directions - how to make some changes and stay in your prime

Realistic relationships - friendships, partnerships and dating

Struggling with stress - tried and tested tips to help you cheer up and chill out.

The joy of decluttering

The three balls theory

Up with skool! The case for continuing to study - but on your terms.

Volunteering: How helping others can help you build a whole new future


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