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About you

It’s all about being your best

One of the truest sayings ever is that nobody is as interested in your life as you are - and now’s the time of life when you need to be particularly aware of that fact.


In my prime is a fantastic age to be – we have greater freedom, more confidence, greater certainty about what we do and don’t want, and a huge amount of experience to draw upon. However, there are some downsides to this age, which aren’t automatic, but can require careful management:

  • Mental attitude – habit can turn into hopelessness in terms of being able to recognise and respond to new challenges. Negativity, despair and cynicism are easy to adopt, difficult to get rid of.

  • Physical fitness – now you’re at the stage where good health and fitness are no longer a ‘given’, it’s your responsibility to look after yourself.

  • Appearance – If you answer anything other than an automatic and resounding ‘yes’ to the question ‘Is it worth bothering to look my best?’ then you’re not valuing yourself as you should. Pride in your appearance underlies every other aspect of mental and physical well-being.

Becoming more positive

Most changes and improvements in any of these areas start with changing the way you see yourself and the world around you and becoming more positive in your approach and reactions.

contact us with your tips about what works for you in terms of remaining positive and optimistic and making the very best of yourself. What works for one person won’t necessarily suit everyone, but it’s amazing how one small suggestion can sometimes have a huge impact for someone when it does strike the right chord.

Looking Nifty at Fifty (or sensational at sixty or seventy)

by Deborah Turner and Karen MacPhee of Hamlyn Nash Image Consultancy

In the past many people panicked at the thought of being fifty and reached for the Yellow Pages in search of a cosmetic surgeon. Thankfully, this trend now seems less popular and we are embracing 50 with a new found verve.You certainly don't need cosmetic surgery to look and feel good at 50plus. Inner confidence and knowing how to look good can immediately make you look and feel younger.>>>read more

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